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Application Libre pour le Contrôle d'Accès Sécurisé et Authentifié au Réseau
ALCASAR is an open source Network Access Controller (N.A.C.).
Simple to deploy and to manage, it controls, protects and imputes the access of an Internet consultation network.

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ALCASAR can be installed on a simple PC connected between the consultation network and the Internet provider broadband router. It is completely independant from the consultation network  (WIFI, PLC, Ethernet, etc.). It uses only standards. Thus, the consultation network can be constituted of all type of equipment (PC, laptop, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, etc.) and operating systems  (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, IOS, WebOS, etc.).
Users interface
On the consultation network, the user can use the equipment he wants.When a web browser is launched, an authentication web page is displayed in the langage configured in the browser preferences. This page contains an information about the main functions of the portal. For exemple, it allows the user to change its password :

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  • Once the authenticating process is finished, the web browser display the user's Internet page and a complementary window where the user can disconnect from the portal. Depending of the filter configuration, all applications and all network protocols can be used by the authenticated users (ftp, email, relay chat, P2P, radio, IM, etc.).

  • To disconnect from the portal, users can use the dedicated window or a shortcut written in their browser bookmarks ('logout' in the URL for exemple).

Administrators interface
They can access via HTTPS and by authenticated manner to the graphical control center from any web browsers connected on the consultation network :
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As exemples, this graphical control center allows :
  • to manage the consultation equipment and the connected users :

  • to manage users : add and remove user or group of users, modification of their profiles (expiration date, connection time slots, connection time limit by day or month, bandwidth limits, etc.) :

  • to consult consultation and bandwidth statistics :

  • to consult firewall envents :

  • to retrieve (for backup) the files which should be given in case of police investigation. These files contain the consultation traces of all networks protocols and of all accessed addresses. They constitute the proof of all the consultation activity. They can be cyphered :

  • to enable, disable, modify or update the blacklist.
  • Administrators can connect to the portal via Internet using a SSH VPN.
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